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What's up with the site's "German flag" color scheme, Herr Bill?

It's just my experiment, as is this entire site (now in version 4). In this case, to use variations of primary colors (and a few secondary ) colors. And to burn out your retinas from staring at the background too long. (Disclosure: this site is sponsored in part by the American Opthamologists Association.) Just so you know, ich bin ein American.

Speaking of foreign languages, I understand you speak French and Japanese. True?
Je ne parle pas de tout. Vraiment. 
Zenzen dekimasen, yo. Honto ni.

Why are most of the images on your Fun Page for women?

  1. I'm a guy.
  2. Lots of my friends are women. Lots.
  3. Women (warning: stereotype coming up!) tend to share a lot more. Including passing along images and jokes. Tons more than guys.
  4. A lot of those images are related to cute babies, cuddly kittens, and puppy doggy woggy poos. A lot of those jokes are about male-bashing. (That's why you don't find jokes on the Fun Page.)
What's your sign?

I'm a Sag and a Tiger.

Picture of Bill Henthorn as a Tiger


Your middle name is Lee. Are you Chinese?

Lee is my maiden name.

Why isn't your site completely consistent in appearance?

It's undergoing rapid growth.

Why don't you have more questions on this page?

99.8764% of the questions asked have been the 8 listed above.

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