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downloadable inspirational speeches, humorous speeches, business speeches

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downloadable humorous speeches

The Progressive Cliff: A humorous weaving of the political noise surrounding the end-of-year US budget increase (known as the Fiscal Cliff) and the explanation of how intergalactic reptilian aliens are actually controlling everything.

Magically, Mysteriously, Mystically...Maybe: A humorous and inspirational set of stories about having clear objectives. (Makes a bit of fun of "new age manifesting.")

The Spirit of Giving: A new and different look at the holiday tradition of giving and receiving. (Great for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, and New Years!)

Strange New World: a retirement speech: Both humorous and inspirational. Thoughts about giving, passion, selfishness, and how wonderful they are -- especially the last one, selfishness!

The Light Out There: a true story : Based on a true story, how seeing and following a curious light leads to meeting Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Larry Ellison, as they conduct a super-secret energy test!

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downloadable inspirational speeches, downloadable inspiring speeches

A Wakeup Call: Deeply touching thoughts about change -- in the aftermath of the World Trade Center bombing -- delivered 4 days after 9/11.

Pearls before Swine: Inspired thoughts about humanity -- delivered 4 days before Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. (Written and delivered as an impromptu speech with 30 minutes preparation).

Running from the War: A moving story of following a simple but powerful philosophy.

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downloadable community speeches, downloadable new change speeches

Be Aware, It's Simplicity Itself: Explains the concept of "voluntary simplicity" and gives examples of how it works and how it benefits everyone.

Lest We Capitalists Forget: Once, people worked on the land and provided for their needs and created a surplus sufficient to sell, getting money for the few other items they needed.
     This was the US, until it was designed to end starting in the 1880s, in order to boost profits for the few large corporations by bringing people's savings into the money-based market economy.
     This speech highlights three parts of this effort: expanding the markets, redefining the roles of family members, and the concept of socially engineered rising living standards.



downloadable business speeches
PowerNetworking: How you can tap into the powerful force of relationships! Discover how I've used this to get people to introduce me to their powerful friends, to open doors that usually remain closed to all but a very few, and have people give me fat ownership slices of their businesses! There's gold in this so go ahead now:

Profiting by Investing in Nonprofits: The benefits of corporate investments in nonprofits.

Leveraging Human Resources: A call to action for nonprofit leaders.

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